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Why You Need a Travel Advisor to Plan Your Next Trip

With the abundance of online travel sites, why take the time to consult with a travel advisor? Is there really any benefit in booking with a professional travel planner?

Travelers need travel advisors, and vendors need travel advisors.

On the heels of a pandemic, travel advisors have emerged as the respected professionals they have always been. Clients have realized the value of having an advocate who provides assistance and expertise in the overwhelming world of travel. Vendors have always appreciated the role of travel advisors who hold the industry to a higher standard by delivering happy, satisfied clients. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Travel Advisor:

  1. First, and foremost, the travel advisor removes the stress typically associated with travel planning and provides the experience and expertise to plan a personalized, tailor-made trip. Finding the best hotel or cruise line for your budget, maneuvering health protocols and passport/visa issues for international travel, accessing airlines during flight cancellations or for ticket changes - these are no longer your problem. Whether you want to experience a challenging golf course, an African safari or your destination’s finest restaurant, your travel advisor has the expertise and connections to make it happen.
  2. Second, the travel advisor is your advocate, especially in emergency situations. Maybe in the excitement of your vacation plans, you forgot to read the fine print or prepare for Murphy's Law. Your travel advisor has you covered. From weather disasters to travel theft to getting sick or getting scammed to missing your plane or a bad tour excursion to managing a global pandemic - travel advisors effectively advocate for clients who are stranded or who need a refund or whose vacation is canceled due to overbooking. Plus, they make sure that you know about taxes, fees and visas, that your hotel is guaranteed, and that you’re insured in case of medical emergencies.
  3. Third, the travel advisor has relationships within the hospitality industry that you don’t!  That means an elevated experience for you. They have elite access to special amenities and credits through the suppliers who they work with on a regular basis. Available upgrades go to the travel advisors first - the ones who bring the vendors business, the ones providing repeat business. Spa credits, complimentary breakfast, free shore excursions, early check-in - these are perks for the clients who have travel advisors with supplier partnerships. 

Often, these travel agencies partner with a larger network of agencies, like Virtuoso, that has the negotiating power of 20,000 advisors to leverage the best perks possible from over 1,800 of the world's best hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. Advisors in these agencies book the most travel with their partners; so consequently, they get the exclusive benefits!

Let New View Travel plan an experience you will never forget. New View Travel is an affiliate of Sixth Star Travel a Virtuoso agency that can help you discover a side of your vacation you never knew possible. Submit a travel form to be called for a complimentary discovery session.